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Community Centre

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Wellington Hill


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What a wonderful facility we have in the Wellington Hill Community Centre.

When we have a new speaker for Thursday Club, we always show them round.

They are usually amazed and very envious. We tell them it is run by many

members who give up their time voluntarily and freely to make it run as

smoothly as it does. If you live locally and do not use it, please try it.

There is something for everyone, as you can see in this Bulletin.

I would like to thank all who came to President’s Night. I hope you had

a good time, we certainly did. I would also like to thank the many people

involved in its preparation, far too many to mention here, but I must mention

our talented group of youngsters in the Showgroup who provided excellent


Elsewhere in this Bulletin, you will find information about all the usual

events and one Special Event to be held on 20th May to raise money for

Cancer Research. This is because one of our members has undergone an

operation to remove a malignant tumour. Please support this event as best you



Jim Broadhurst

Jim Broadhurst

Presidents Address